Indian Folk Dance

Dance is the series of movements and steps that march the speed&rhythm.
Indian folk dance reveals and depicts the rich culture and heritage of our country and so the sanctity of  indian folk dance is preserved and secured while tutoring its various forms.
We train n teach traditional dance of common people of  a region viewing and focusing on its moods,expression and connectivity with common folk of the concerned domain.
Folk dance being taught and trained imbibes and inculcates the culture, enthusiasm and devotion towards the tradition and rich heritage of the country. Bhangra the soul of punjab, Garba in gujarat, Ghoomar and Kaal beliya from Rajasthan, Rough from Jammu and kashmir,laavni from Maharashtra are few highlights being trained at Just Dance Academy. These forms are followed with rigid  rules but the purity &freshness of each dance form is taken into consideration so as to maintain the sanctity and poise.