Western Dance

Dance in its own form is a complete Spectrum of expression, gestures, movements and yes emotions.As the influence of westernisation in different aspects of life,dance is no less a domain to be captured.Inculcating westernisation & infusion of western culture in dance had turned it the other way round.Inclusion of various styles of dancing in field of art was cherry on the plum.Hiphop is one of the most famous dance forms popular & adopted by Indians.Hiphop is a culture adopted by Indian youngsters to express themselves in current scenario.With the passage of time the growth of hiphop culture amongst the youngsters has made it a CRAZE.Its improvisational nature adheres to either way.We at Just Dance Academy train the students not only to absorb into the culture but also to inculcate it’s style.We believe in training them marking the sense of musicality,body awareness, gestures, placement of steps,postures,angles & every nitty gritty aspect required to make it a complete package.The choreographers train the students about actual move, following the music, execution of the steps abiding by the time limit.Hiphop is closely associated with various dance forms include locking and popping which is not Only the demand for body of the hour but also is a freakout fun.We at JDA teach versatility through various dance forms so as to justify the motive of dancing-tune,twist and have fun.